Cultivate Vitality

Written by Violaine Guéritault, Ph.D.

Emotional vitality is this sense of positive life energy and aliveness that fills you up entirely and makes you feel fully engaged in that wonderful thing called Your Life. It is one of the five key strengths highly correlated with happiness and well-being. The other four strengths are curiosity, hope, gratitude, and the capacity to love and be loved.

In this ever changing and uncertain world where stress and pressure keep growing faster and faster, in order for us to have a chance to manage difficult situations, cope with adversity and fulfill our daily obligations, we need high levels of vitality.

Simple ways to cultivate it!
Practice self-care.

A healthy body and mind are an absolute requirement to experiencing healthy levels of vitality. Take good care of your body and your mind – exercise at least one hour per day five times a week, feed your body with healthy foods and nutrients, get plenty of good quality sleep and take a break, a huge break, from your phone and social media. Your vitality will thank you for it.

Do something positive each day.

Set up positive and constructive daily routines that you enjoy and that make you feel good and happy such as allocating 15 minutes every morning and/or evening to meditating on some peaceful and relaxing music, taking your dog for a walk in nature, drawing, crafting, keeping a gratitude journal or any other activity that puts a smile on your face and therefore energizes you and increases your vitality.

Stay close to those you love.

Stay close and engaged with the people you love. Feeling connected to the people you love will fill you with plenty of positive energy and make you feel good and alive. Fulfilling and positive relationships are essential to your mental health. They bring you support and comfort when you feel down, and they give you the strength and the motivation to overcome obstacles and cope with hardships. They have the power to keep your head above water in your darkest moments. The connection you have with the people you love and who love you is a true treasure.

Practice positive self-talk.

You may have heard before the quote that says that what we think we become. In cognitive psychology, it is well known that our thoughts trigger emotions that, in turn, prompt our behaviors and actions. Basically, we are shaped by our thoughts which means that it is essential that we always be aware of the nature of our thoughts. Positive and energizing self-talk will cultivate your vitality while negative and toxic self-talk will deteriorate it.