Invest in Working Parents

So They Can Invest in You.

Parenting doesn't follow a 9-to-5 schedule.
BLOOM is a 360 solution for working parents through the challenges that matter most.

  • Unlimited access to 500+ expert-led workshops, live events, & resources
  • Direct connection to the world’s leading experts on parenting adolescents
  • Seamless onboarding & ongoing engagement reports
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Introducing the BLOOM Benefit
for Working Parents

When working parents struggle with challenges at home, it impacts all aspects of job performance including – their attendance, ability to handle job stress, accomplish work goals, and overall work satisfaction.

BLOOM is a professional support network and platform that guides families through the challenges of the adolescent years. By providing access, you’re contributing to healthier, happier families, and more satisfied and productive employees.

A 360 Solution for Families


Live & Virtual Speaking Events

Expert-led live sessions attended online or hosted in your workplace offering parents a direct connection to industry-leading experts covering the most relevant topics in adolescent health and wellness.


1-on-1 Parent Coaching

With our exclusive network of master coaches, BLOOM offers 1:1 and group coaching to navigate the unique challenges of parenting an adolescent. Ongoing support that ensures families receive direct guidance to navigate every challenge along the way.

father with parent coach on screen, virtual coaching session


Mental Health Care Management

A Psychological Enhanced Response Liaison (PERL) is a coach with lived experience, providing personalized support to parents raising a child with mental health needs. PERLs work closely with families, offering tools and guidance to navigate the complexities of accessing mental health support.

mom and daughter hugging. Teen depression with supportive mother, caregiver.


Professional Therapy for Teens

Access one month of free professional therapy on the world’s largest platform, BetterHelp. With licensed therapists available the next day, serving over 200 countries and 50+ languages, BetterHelp is committed to helping teens navigate challenges and improving access to mental health services for families.

African young teenager using laptop for teen therapy online from home.


Ask the Experts

A forum that connects members with trained professionals who can provide evidence-based responses to their most pressing parenting questions and issues.



All-in-One Parenting Platform

Unlimited access to over 500+ expert-led parenting workshops, curated content, resources, and supportive community to navigate the challenges of raising adolescents.

From Onboarding to Accessing Performance Metrics

Our program is specifically tailored to your organization, helping you track usage, and progress and measure the positive impact on your workforce’s health and productivity.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: A personal point of contact for quick issue resolution.
  • Follow-Up Support: Ensure your team maximizes the platform potential.
  • Quarterly Check-ins: Assess impact and gather feedback.
  • Analytics and Metrics: Track usage, progress, and impact.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Regular feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Access to Social and PR Assets: Share your commitment to employee well-being.

Guidance from World-Renowned Adolescent Health Experts

What Our Parents Say...

Out of nowhere, my daughter’s puberty “attitude” caught me off guard. Dealing with my 12-year-old, who had always been open and sweet, became a constant source of frustration. I found myself getting angry and taking her remarks personally. That’s when I discovered BLOOM – it was a game-changer. Not only did it help me understand this stage, but it also brought my daughter and me closer in a way I never thought possible. Now, our conversations are fun and light-hearted, and it’s like I’ve got my old kid back. The best part? I was able to share the Teen BLOOM platform with my daughter so that she had her own safe space that I trusted would help her understand her mind and body better.

M. Starr, CEO | MajaEden Wellness

BLOOM has been an amazing resource for myself and my children. When they came to me with questions about their changing bodies, we immediately went to BLOOM. Navigating the site for information was easy and allowed for them to take quizzes and ownership of what was happening within their bodies. The videos made it easy for them to understand what was happening and what was in store for the future. This sparked some great conversation and as a parent gave me some great resources to refer to as we enter the next phase of their lives. BLOOM is an invaluable resource that will help me navigate the inevitable challenges puberty and teen life will bring.

J. Hyland, Learning Skllls Specialist | Brookwood School

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