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The science is clear: when we support families and strengthen parent-child connection, children’s health outcomes improve.
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Strengthening Connections Through the Adolescent Years

At BLOOM, we understand the challenges that come with raising adolescents in today’s fast-paced, digital world. We are passionate about improving mental, emotional, and physical health outcomes in families through the adolescent years. Through philanthropic giving we can more easily provide equitable access to expert led guidance and supportive services to under-served families in the community.

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Supportive Services for Families


Live & Virtual Speaking Events

Expert-Led sessions that offer parents a direct connection to industry-leading experts who cover the most relevant topics in adolescent health & wellness and answer questions live alongside fellow parents.


Parent Coaching

With our exclusive network of master coaches, BLOOM offers 1:1 and group coaching to navigate the unique challenges of parenting an adolescent. Ongoing support that ensures families receive direct guidance to navigate every challenge along the way.

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Mental Health Care Management

A Psychological Enhanced Response Liaison (PERL) is a coach with lived experience, providing personalized support to parents raising a child with mental health needs. PERLs work closely with families, offering tools and guidance to navigate the complexities of accessing mental health support.

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Professional Therapy for Teens

Access one month of free professional therapy on the world’s largest platform, BetterHelp. With licensed therapists available the next day, serving over 200 countries and 50+ languages, BetterHelp is committed to helping teens navigate challenges and improving access to mental health services for families.

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Ask the Experts

A forum that connects members with trained professionals who can provide evidence-based responses to their most pressing parenting questions and issues.



All-in-One Parenting Platform

Unlimited access to over 500+ expert-led parenting workshops, curated content, resources, and supportive community to navigate the challenges of raising adolescents.

Expert Guidance On All the Topics


Mental Health, 
Mindfulness, Self Esteem, Emotional Awareness


Body & Skin Care, Nutrition, Exercise, Menstruation, Substance Use, Acne


Stages of Puberty, What to Expect, First Period, Emotions


Consent, Body Boundaires, Peer Pressure, Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships, Abuse


Glossary, LGBTQIA+, Support


Safety & Privacy, Cyberbullying, Gaming, Digital Wellness


Attraction, Intimacy, Consent
Porn, Safe Sex, Pregnancy

Racism, Social & Environmental Issues, Mental Health, Media

Guidance from World-Renowned Adolescent Health Experts

Our mission is to improve health outcomes in families during the adolescent years by providing equitable access to expert guidance and supportive services.

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