Adolescence is challenging, for everyone.

We are three parents who struggled to find the answers we were seeking as our own kids entered the adolescent years. So, we created BLOOM to help young people – and the adults who love them – understand their changing bodies, minds, and relationships.

We knew we didn’t have all the answers, so we sought out experts from all over the world and partnered with trusted organizations. Then, we asked friends, family, and strangers of all ages across the country their most urgent questions and biggest challenges. We brought these questions to the experts and gathered their answers here. The result? BLOOM has grown into a collective of doctors, educators, and health organizations, with a shared mission: to help teenagers live a healthy, safe, fulfilling life, deepen parent-child connections, and ultimately improve health outcomes for all.

Our Parent HUB delivers professional guidance outlining what to expect and how to start healthy conversations. We assemble the experts and empower parents with tools and strategies to navigate all the pitfalls, joys, and struggles of the teen years and feel more connected to their teens.

Our Teen HUB provides a safe space for teenagers to find answers to the questions they may have about their developing minds, bodies, and relationships.

Our Educator HUB features a comprehensive skills-based health education curriculum, as well as resources to promote health literacy for life.

When we understand, acknowledge, and discuss the topics that shape teenhood with clarity, confidence, and compassion, we will learn, grow, and BLOOM. Together.