Cultivate Curiosity

Written by Violaine Guéritault, Ph.D.

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Did you know that scientific research shows that curiosity and conscientiousness combined are more important than intelligence in predicting success? When you’re curious, you crave for knowledge and you love hunting for answers to questions such as “what?,” “why?,” and “how?” Such a mindset was found to be critical to success because it’s the driving force behind innovations and new discoveries in all fields. Cultivating curiosity will keep your mind sharp, active, and creative which will increase your chances to expand your horizons and bring success into your life.

Simple ways to cultivate it!
Be open-minded.

Discover the power of open-mindedness! To develop your curiosity, you must be and remain open-minded about yourself and the world around you. It takes both humility and determination. You should be ready to question some of the things you may believe to be right and be willing to accept the possibility you may be wrong about those things, and that changing your mind may be beneficial to you and help you grow as a person.

Let go of the “blasé” attitude.

Feeling blasé and bored will impede your capacity to remain open to new possibilities, new ideas and new adventures. The moment you view something as boring you close a door that, had you chosen to open it, may have introduced you to an entire new perspective on things. There may be a whole new and exciting world behind that door and it’s up to you to cultivate your curiosity in a way that will allow you to explore it.

Don’t take anything for granted.

The number one rule to develop your curiosity is to never stop asking questions. Be relentless in your willingness to go beneath the surface of things. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Dig deeper, sharpen your understanding of things by asking “why?”, “when?”, “how?”, “where?” and “who?”. Such questions are curious people’s best assets and will take you far in your search for answers and your understanding of the world that surrounds you.

Read, read, and read some more.

Books and magazines are your best friends when it comes to developing your curiosity. Books will take you into a world of novelty that will enhance your creativity and introduce you to exciting new topics that maybe you didn’t even know existed. Make a list of subjects that interest you and look for magazines and books that will satisfy your thirst for new knowledge and ideas.