External Vulva Anatomy

Did you know the term vagina is often mistakenly used in place of the proper term, vulva? The vulva is the external genitalia and they come in an endless diversity of shapes, sizes, and colors.

The main parts of the vulva consist of:

  • Mons pubis: the place where pubic hair grows which helps prevent bacteria from entering the body
  • Clitoris: a sensitive area for arousal and stimulation, located at the top of where the two labia minora meet that is covered by a clitoral hood (prepuce)
  • Labia Majora: the larger outer lips that protect the vulva
  • Labia Minora: the inner lips that protect the clitoris and vaginal opening
  • Urethral Opening: the small hole where pee comes out of
  • Vaginal Opening: the large middle hole where period blood exits, where period products are inserted, and also the birthing canal
  • Bartholin’s glands: these glands are located on either side of the vaginal opening and produce a fluid (mucus) secretion
  • Anus: the place where gas and bowel movements (poop) exit