Curriculum Donation



Be an advocate for equal health education by enabling two schools to benefit from Bloom’s first-of-its-kind, comprehensive skills-based national health education curriculum. In addition, you will be among the first in the world to receive exclusive access to the BLOOM website and help our team Beta Test the hub this winter! You will have the opportunity to explore and provide invaluable feedback that will help us bring BLOOM to its national launch. Following the Beta Testing period, you will then be granted a 1 year BLOOM Caregiver Subscription to access the BLOOM hub.


BLOOM Buy One // Give One Curriculum ($500 Value):
The BLOOM Curriculum is a comprehensive skills-based health education curriculum designed by the nation’s top health education curriculum writers that promotes health literacy for life and teaches to the CDC’s National Health Education Standards. Our program is a buy one give one program that supports underserved communities nationwide to ensure all students are given equal opportunity for health education. With this donation, one curriculum is donated to a school of your choice and one is donated in your name to BLOOM’s Donation Bank.

Beta Tester Code ($100 Value):
You will receive your Beta Testing code which will allow direct access into the hub. The Beta Testing period is designed to allow our exclusive group of users to explore throughout the BLOOM hub for the purpose of providing constructive feedback on your experience to help team BLOOM optimize our hub and services. The level of involvement is totally up to you and we are so appreciative of your time and energy in helping us make this hub great. As soon as the hub is ready, you will be sent an email with a unique user ID and given exclusive access into the full website to explore areas of interest as your time allows. We are planning to run the Beta Testing phase for approx 2 months and will send a survey to collect your constructive feedback at the end of our Beta phase.

BLOOM Caregiver Subscription ($199 Value):
Your caregiver subscription provides the opportunity to access all of the BLOOM hubs but exclusively the BLOOM caregiver hub. This hub provides a circle of support to give caregivers strategic tools and strategies to navigate the teen years like a boss. As part of your caregiver subscription, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops put on by our nation’s top experts. Your 1 year BLOOM Caregiver Subscription membership will start this winter 2022, following the Beta Testing period. This subscription will coincide with national launch, you will be provided with your 1 year BLOOM Caregiver Subscription code to keep for yourself or gift to someone else.

Additional information


When is the Beta Testing period?
We expect Beta testing to begin as soon as website development is complete, estimated to be winter 2022.

What if I want to keep the Beta Testing opportunity for myself and donate my reward gift to someone else?
Your Beta Testing Code can be kept for yourself or gifted to anyone of your choice. When the kickoff ends, we will follow up with an email surveying your preferences.

Can I opt to be a beta tester without contributing to the kickoff?
At this time, being a Beta Tester and exploring inside the BLOOM hub is an exclusive opportunity only available to kickoff contributors at the $100+ level.

Can I gift or donate my Caregiver Subscription to someone else?
Yes! The Caregiver Subscription can be gifted to anyone of your choosing.

How many grades does the curriculum serve?
Our curriculum serves 1 middle school grade (ages 11-14) and provides 50 lessons which meet and exceed the CDC’s National Health Education Standards.

Shipping & Returns

Our first of its kind, BLOOM Health Education Curriculum will be ready for the fall 2022 school year. A Curriculum packet and access code will be delivered to your school of choice by school calendar year 2022.

Beta Testing codes are expected to be ready for digital delivery in February, 2022. This code will allow direct access into hub on

BLOOM Caregiver subscriptions will begin as soon as the two month Beta Testing period ends, ETA spring, 2022.