Pulling away from a caregiver is sometimes a typical and normal transition a young person takes. Actually, becoming more involved in peer and friend relationships is a healthy developmental phase for young people to go through.

As challenging as this situation is, remember part of our job as caregivers is to help our young person become more independent. Some things to consider when this happens include:

  • Remember to not take this pulling away personally. Young people begin to focus on new relationships, including those with peers and friends during adolescence.
  • Think back to when you were younger. Did you also begin to pull away from your caretaker(s)?
  • Still check in with them on a regular basis. Just because they are growing up doesn’t mean that they no longer need you or that you don’t need to check in with them.
  • Plan an adventure to spend time together and connect. Talk about some fun things that interest the both of you. This adventure might be a spa day or a special dinner and a movie night out.
  • If you are concerned about your young person experiencing depression or partaking in unhealthy behaviors, seek support and help. People you can turn to include those at your local school, your medical professional, as well as other community resources.