This is something many caregivers wonder about, which is interesting: As children go through puberty and start to become more aware of the influences surrounding them, we, too, as adults can also be aware of outside influences. Truth be told, we have to do what is best for our young person and remember, if you are not the one to educate them, someone or some place else will– and where would we rather them get their information from?

If you are concerned that your young person may talk to others about your conversations, talk with them about this. Actually, you can set up “guidelines” or “conversation rules” for serious talks; doing this sets up expectations for current and future conversations. And, one recommended guideline is that personal information shared during your conversations stays between you and your young person, yet general information can be shared with others. Doing this also models respect and privacy, something our children need to understand as they grow older and enter into romantic and/or sexual relationships.