If you think your preteen or teen is going to get your period soon, try to remind them to wear an underwear liner or their period underwear in preparation and always take a couple of pads or tampons with them when they go out. Be sure to tell them that if they are caught in a situation where they don’t have any products on them, like in school, to ask a friend or trusted adult. If they are in the middle of class and feel their period coming on, they can always raise their hand to be excused or privately ask their teacher if they can go to the bathroom.

Let them know that some public and/or school restrooms may have tampon vending machines or a supply of period products, but that they can’t always count on these options. If there’s no other option available to them, tell them that they can always fold up some toilet paper and place it in their underwear as a safeguard until they can find a period product.

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