This experience can happen for some people and can sometimes be uncomfortable and make you want to stop. And you can — you can pause or stop your practice at any time, for any reason. You get to choose. If the feeling is so strong that you feel like you can’t deal with it, it might be helpful to talk about it with a friend or therapist. A counselor or therapist can help guide you through those feelings. And sometimes just talking it out with a friend who has a listening ear makes it easier for us to process the feelings and let them go. A lot of times we store intense emotions or experiences in our body and when we sit still and quiet for long enough, we sort of give our body a chance to process these things and allow them to come to the front of our minds. It can be helpful to just watch these emotions and feelings as they come up, without trying to change them, and often, you’ll find they pass or you might learn something about yourself that helps you let go of that feeling or emotion and move forward from it.

Supporting your Young Person
Your young person may be experiencing some intense emotions as well during their practice. Remind them that it is okay to stop anytime they need to. Be a non-judgmental, listening ear for them if they need to talk out some of the emotions they are feeling during their practice. Let them know you are always there for them and these emotions will not last forever, they will pass. If they still seem to be struggling or they do not want to open up to you about it, a therapist or counselor may be a helpful next step.