Dr. RJ

Certified Life Coach for Teenagers

Dr. RJ’s mission is to transform teenagers’ confidence by coaching them on strategies to manage their thoughts in a positive, energetic, and effective environment. He equips students with the skills needed to lead them to increased happiness, stronger relationships, good decisions, increased communication, higher achievement, and the ability to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Dr. RJ is 110% committed to attaining that transformation and will never give up on a student.

Not only a certified life coach for teenagers, Dr. RJ is also one of the leaders in preventative orthodontics in Austin, TX. Dr. RJ became an orthodontist because he is passionate about smiles. It all started in middle school when Dr. RJ discovered he had a heart to help others. In sixth grade, he found himself connecting with his peers on a deeper level. Dr. RJ was that person that students felt comfortable talking to, and sharing things with. “I can remember being devastated after hearing student after student share with me how unhappy they were.“ This devastation led Dr. RJ to create the first ever, “Student Talks,” program at his middle school. This program allowed students 15 mins a day to speak to teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors about life. With the success of that program, Dr. RJ committed to a lifelong mission of spreading happiness.

Company: Dr. RJ Life Coach
Website: https://drrjjackson.com/coaching/