Let’s Talk: A Self-Discovery Mental Health Journal


Keeping a journal can be a great way to manage your mental health and this journal is full of prompts and exercises to inspire reflection and growth, and clarity on your life’s path.

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Through self-discovery, we can find who we are and whom we want to be. Reflecting on ourselves is a healthy and adaptive practice to help you gain clarity on your life’s path and it is the key to self-awareness and personal growth. Active self-discovery requires challenging yourself by asking questions and being prepared to reflect on them. This can lead to unwanted conversations with ourselves, but we must challenge ourselves and step outside of our comfort zone on a constant basis.

I’ve created this journal of 92 pages for you to use to start your self-discovery journey. For people who want to journal but don’t know what to say or when to write things down. I’ve chosen the text message layout to resemble the feeling that you’re talking to someone, for those people who feel like they have no one to talk to or anyone they trust to talk to. This is something you can look back on when you overcome the fears and thoughts that you write down. Keeping a journal can be a great way to manage your mental health. You can explore your deepest emotions and identify healthy means to deal with your feelings.