Social Media

  • Commit with friends to spend a certain amount of time together IRL (in real life), not just liking each other’s feeds.
  • Turning off notifications for your social media (or all but a handful of followers) will reduce the pull of your media.
    Exercise your brain in other ways such as reading, art, sports, hobbies etc.
  • Consider removing your most used apps from your device for a few days or for specific days each week to give your mind a break.
  • Write down what you accomplished or what fun thing(s) you did, when you were off your screen, to reinforce the benefits to yourself.

Screen Time

  • Though phones can do almost everything, it helps to use separate devices such as cameras, calculators and alarm clocks.
  • Plug your devices in at night in a different room than your bedroom.
  • You will sleep better if you avoid screens for at least an hour before bedtime.


  • Make gaming a team sport as much as possible, playing with friends/ family reduces the harm.
  • Reduce the urge to “wake and bake” with games – let your brain fully wake up and adjust before you save the world.
  • Avoid gaming right before social engagement (meals with friends/family)  or new learning (ie. school work) to ensure you are well-regulated and ready to focus.