Take Control

Written by Jo Langford, M.A.

Screen time can become out of control and if you find yourself ignoring your day-to-day responsibilities, health, or relationships then work to control or curb your habits. Read more below for simple tips and tools for staying in control of your screen time, or check out the Center for Humane Technology’s Take Control Toolkit.

Social Media
  • Distraction-Free (DF) Youtube is a chrome plug-in which gets rid of some suggestions as you’re watching.
  • Every few months, comb through your phone and delete apps you don’t need, use, or that are toxic or expensive. Do the same thing with your contacts.
  • If people make you feel uncomfortable, angry, or bad about yourself, unfriend/unfollow/block them.
Screen Time
  • Encourage screen-free nights and meals in your home.
  • Disconnect fully from devices 1 day a week. Use this time to intentionally reconnect with yourself and those you care about.
  • Turn off notifications within each app and remove toxic apps that promote negative feelings or behaviors, such as sadness, anxiety, or compulsively checking your device.
  • Reduce stress by not charging devices in the room in which you sleep.
  • Our devices are a convenience: if/when they stop being convenient or begin feeling like a chore, just set them down and walk away.
  • Adults give themselves time limits, boundaries, and game-free days. Start building those “adulting” muscles now.
  • The people that ONLY play first-person, shoot-em-up/blow-em-up games look different when walking around in the real world. Balance out your games (platform, adventure, shooter, RPG, strategy, sports, simulation, etc.), and don’t focus on only ONE genre or type.