The Last Changes (often starts at age 15)

Puberty is a normal part of development where your body starts to change from a kid to an adult. The purpose of puberty is to prepare the body for reproduction. The body changes that occur during puberty don’t happen overnight. Instead, they take years and occur in stages. People call these stages the Tanner Stages or the Sexual Maturity Rating and they are divided into five (5) stages. The stages of puberty typically start around age 8-10 and can last for 5-7 years, however, everyone develops differently and at their own pace. Some may enter puberty earlier than others and some may go through the stages faster.

During this final stage of puberty, many teenagers notice their bodies are more adult-like and adult-size. This includes:

  • Height growth is slowing down.
  • Pubic hair being fully grown and spreading into the inner thigh area.
  • Genitals and reproductive organs being fully developed and adult size.
  • For most females assigned at birth:
    • Breast size and body shape including hip and buttocks areas are being formed. Yet both breasts and body shape can continue to change as a person ages due to hormones and habits.
    • Periods becoming regular, and occurring on a monthly schedule.
  • For most males assigned at birth:
    • Facial hair has started growing
    • Penis, testicles and scrotum start to reach their full size.

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