Noticeable Body Changes Begin (often ages 9 - 11)

Puberty is a normal part of development where your body starts to change from a kid to an adult. The purpose of puberty is to prepare the body for reproduction. The body changes that occur during puberty don’t happen overnight. Instead, they take years and occur in stages. People call these stages the Tanner Stages or the Sexual Maturity Rating and they are divided into five (5) stages. The stages of puberty typically start around age 8-10 and can last for 5-7 years, however, everyone develops differently and at their own pace. Some may enter puberty earlier than others and some may go through the stages faster.

Stage 2 of puberty usually happens around 9-11 years old, but again, this is different for everybody.  In this stage of development, you may begin to notice:

  • Pubic hair starts to grow light on the outer lips of the vulva and/or at the base of the penis.
  • Armpit hair may start to develop in some preteens.
  • Body odor may become more apparent. This is because these hormones can increase sweating which combines with bacteria to create more smells.
  • Reproductive parts are beginning to mature and get larger. For most assigned females at birth, this includes the uterus and vagina. For most assigned males at birth, this includes the testicles and the sac holding the testicles called the scrotum.
  • For many assigned females, the development of the breasts begins under the nipples, which are called buds. These buds may appear like a bump or puffy area under or around the nipples.  As this happens, the breast areas may feel sore or itchy at times – this is normal. As more time passes, the areola, the area around the nipples, also gets larger.

Some of these changes may seem awkward, however, it is all part of the journey your body will need to go through to become the awesome person you will grow to be. To learn more about what to expect during all 5 of the Puberty Stages and answer frequently asked questions, Click Here!