I feel HURT

Written by Violaine Guéritault, Ph.D.

What is it?

The feeling of hurt is a form of emotional pain not caused by physical sources. It usually is the result of the actions or words of others that cause you emotional distress such as feeling unhappy, sad, or betrayed. Emotional pain should be taken seriously because it can have a significant impact on your mental health (e.g.., deep sorrow, depression, grief, negative emotions, shame, worthlessness), and your physical health (e.g. headaches, muscle pain, nausea, dizziness, stomachache, or gastrointestinal upset.)

What is it telling you?

Emotional pain invites you to explore its meaning and causes that are often associated with the actions or the words of people around you. Finding the meaning of your feeling of hurt will give you the motivation to consider or reconsider your relationship to certain people, to improve or let go of those relationships, and to heal to move toward a brighter future.

How to manage it?
  • Don’t deny or fight your feeling of hurt. Face it and explore it. That’s how it will lose its power over you.
  • Practice mindfulness that will give you the tools to develop your awareness so you can have better insight into the causes of your emotional pain.
  • Talk to someone you trust and you know will understand you and support you.
  • Find a form of physical exercise or activity you enjoy. It will improve your mood and help you deal with the feelings of emotional pain.