How to Use a Pad

Written by Jen Bell

  |  Reviewed by Staci Tanouye, M.D.

4 Easy Steps to use a Pad: 

  1. Unpeel the paper off the sticky strip and place the sticky side of the pad face down in your underwear. Make sure you have the pad centered on your underwear.  At night, you may choose to place the pad higher up along the back end of your underwear to catch any leaks as you are laying down. Another option for nighttime is to use an overnight or extra long pad that is longer in length.
  2. If your pad has wings, wait to peel the paper off of the wings until you have already placed the body of the pad on your underwear. Once the pad is placed and centered, peel the paper off of the wings and wrap the wings around each side of your underwear, so that the sides of your underwear are now protected.
  3. Change your pad every few hours (even sooner on your heavier flow days) or when it’s soaked with period blood.
  4. To discard, unstick the wings first, fold them into the middle of the pad and roll up your pad as you peel it off your underwear. Wrap the used pad in your new pad wrapper or in toilet paper and throw it in the trash. Never flush your pad!