How to Insert a Tampon

Written by Jen Bell

  |  Reviewed by Staci Tanouye, M.D.

10 Steps to Insert a Tampon:

  1. Wash your hands and get into a comfortable position by sitting on the toilet, standing in a squatting position with your knees apart, or placing 1 foot up on the toilet.
  2. Place your thumb and middle finger on the base of the tampon and your index finger on the very end of the applicator.
  3. Place the tip of the tampon at the opening of the vagina.
  4. Slowly push the applicator into your vagina until the fingers that are holding the applicator are just outside your vaginal opening
  5. Push the plunger to release the tampon inside the vagina
  6. Remove the applicator from the vagina keeping only the cotton tampon inside and the string remaining outside the body for easy removal
  7. You should not feel the tampon inside your vagina if it is positioned high enough.  If it is not high enough you can gently push it up higher by using your clean finger.
  8. Throw the wrapper and applicator in the trash — don’t flush them.
  9. It’s best to change your tampon every 4-8 hours or sooner on your heavier flow days. If you pull on the string and the tampon is slipping out, it’s time to change it!
  10. To remove your tampon, gently pull on the string and let it slide out, wrap it in toilet paper and toss it in the trash.

Pro-Tip: Tampons can’t get lost in your body because the vagina ends at the cervix!