Genital Growth & Maturation

Written by Lori Reichel, Ph.D.

  |  Reviewed by Hina J. Talib, MD

As a young person gets taller and wider, their genitals also grow and mature. Genitals are internal (inside) and external (outside) parts of a person. These parts can include vulvas, vaginas, clitorises, fallopian tubes, ovaries, testicles, the duct systems, accessory glands, and penises.

Typically, a young person’s genitals grow proportionately to their other body parts. How these genitals function depends upon what parts a person has. Many of these parts help a person with reproduction, in which a baby is created. Sometimes these parts can experience pleasurable feelings when they are touched in a certain way, or when a person thinks of a person they have a crush on or is attracted to.

Reminders about genital growth & maturation
  • Remember that your body will grow, including your genitals, to the size they are meant to grow.
  • Understand that the size of your genitals will allow each part to function as they are meant to function.
  • Remember that no size of a body part is better than another. All sizes are beautiful!
  • Talk with a trusted adult or your doctor if you are concerned about any part of your body, including your genitals. For example, if you feel a new or strange lump under the skin of a genital that was not there before or that hurts.
  • Allow yourself privacy if you choose to look at your genitals or touch them for pleasure.

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