Gaming Convo Starters

When it comes to managing a young person’s game usage, it is far easier to establish healthy boundaries and rules before they get their first gaming console rather than after, but this is also a case of “better late than never.” If you have never set rules around these things, or if you are observing any “red flag” behaviors, it may be time to establish/reinforce some new guidelines.

Tips to start the digital conversation:
  • Choose a time when your young person may be more open and accepting to work with you on establishing some rules through the BLOOM Gaming Contract.
  • Try to avoid shaming over digital use.
  • Become more involved by learning about what digital means they use most often, who they are using it with, and if they are aware of how to set preferences and protect themselves within each platform.
  • Stay involved and take an active interest in their gaming experiences. Being a part of their gaming “world” will help keep the lines of communication open and keep you in the know.
Conversation Starters for preteens and teens

​​Use these tips to help your young person game more safely online.

  • “It seems like you are really interested in certain games. What are your favorite games right now? Would you show me how they’re played? Could I play with you?”
  • “Which games are you good at? Do you play these games with others? Who are your favorite people to play these games with?”
  • “Do you know all of the other gamers you associate with personally? Are there any players that you only know from being online with them?”
  • “Has anyone ever contacted you on any of your gaming platforms that you don’t know personally?”
  • “Where else do you play online games, besides at home?”
  • “What are some ways that you can protect your privacy with your gaming platform? Can you show me your privacy and notification settings?”
  • “Has anyone ever bullied you or sent inappropriate messages or images to you while gaming or online?”
  • “Do you play any games that may be considered violent? I would like to research your games’ ratings and content on Can we see how they rate together?”