Films, videos & online resources for trans youth

Written by Jen Bell

  |  Reviewed by Mason Dunn

Videos of people sharing their gender journeys:

Websites that offer resources, guidance, and stories by and for trans & nonbinary youth:

Neurodiversity/neurodivergent Resources

  • Annie Elainey is an empowering, Latinx, Youtuber and a neurodivergent member of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Websites like GenderSpectrum, Twainbow and ProjectLets provide specific support, guidance, and resources for neurodivergent individuals, including those with specific learning, physical, and mental health needs.
  • Tune into the TransWaves podcast to hear interviews with trans youth, allies, activists, family, and more.
  • Rhys Ernst’s series We’ve Been Around can help you learn more about transgender people throughout history.
  • HBO’s The Trans List will introduce you to some strong transgender advocates, while This is Me explores the real-life, everyday issues of trans and gender nonconforming people.
  • Disclosure is a film on Netflix which surveys the history of trans representation in TV and film, including interviews with 30 trans advocates and artists working in the entertainment industry. This documentary can help you understand how TV and film have shaped trans and cis people’s ideas about what it means to be trans.
  • Gender and Sexuality in Autism is an article that explains the prevalence of gender and sexuality diversity among autistic people and how to affirm and support this community.