I AM Affirmations

Written by Team BLOOM

  |  Reviewed by Em Morrison

An affirmation is a positive statement that is true and that offers encouragement or emotional support.

Affirmations are a powerful way to shape and change our beliefs into our thoughts, and these thoughts into our actions. They are a structured way to practice positive new thoughts. When we hear and practice these affirmations we are consciously and subconsciously practicing new thought patterns. These thought patterns will become new habits of thinking and behaving, leading to a better sense of self and unity. Because affirmations are practices of new thoughts and your thoughts create your reality, the importance of daily practice becomes clear. Each affirmation we hear strengthens us and creates a sense of confidence, empowerment, and unity.

  1. I AM Strong and Resilient.
  2. I AM Smart, Creative, & Love Learning New Things.
  3. I AM Worthy and Valuable.
  4. I AM Brave, Confident, & Courageous.
  5. I AM Positive and Find Inspiration in the Beauty that Surrounds Me.
  6. I AM Unique and Talented.
  7. I AM Grateful and Giving.
  8. I AM Calm, Mindful, & Reflective.
  9. I AM Honest, Trustworthy, & Respectful.
  10. I AM Helpful, Capable, & Resourceful.
  11. I AM Patient, Flexible, & Adaptable.
  12. I AM Hardworking, Determined, & Focused.
  13. I AM Open Minded and Have An Open Heart.
  14. I AM Just As Important As Everyone Else and Everyone Else Is Just as Important As Me.
  15. I AM Compassionate and Forgiving.
  16. I AM Kind, Caring, & Thoughtful.
  17. I AM Loved and Blessed.
  18. I AM Wild, Adventurous,
  19. …and Free to Be Me.
  20. AND Being Me is Always Enough!

Take a moment to thank yourself for doing this work today.
Every day you show up can make a difference in your life. 

To borrow some wisdom adapted from the incredible leader, Mahatma Gandhi, affirm to yourself:

My beliefs become my thoughts.
My thoughts become my words.
My words become my actions.
My actions become my habits.
My habits become my values.
My values become my destiny.

Affirmations & your young person

Our young people can receive positive affirmations from us as well as others around them, like their teachers or coaches. They can also learn to use them in their self-talk. Positive affirmations can not only increase their self-esteem but they also can create a more positive outlook, increased ability to handle stress, and can work to remove those pesky negative thoughts that so easily creep into all our minds at times. They are also a great tool for young people who are struggling to manage their emotions. Share the above practice with them to plant seeds of self love and watch them bloom!