Acne & Oily Skin

Written by Kristina Collins, M.D., FAAD

Let’s face it, most preteens and teens will have acne at some point as a result of the effects of hormonal changes on the skin.The good news is, there are some great treatments for mild acne available right in the BLOOM store. If you have started to notice clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, or inflammatory pimples make sure you start a daily skin care regimen. Wash with a gentle cleanser twice daily, if accessible use adapalene gel at night, and spot treat with salicylic acid pimple patches. If you continue to notice inflammatory pustules, an over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide wash or lotion for the face in the morning may do the trick.

Look for BPO (benzoyl peroxide) concentrations of 4% or lower to avoid excess drying or irritation of the skin. Also, remember that BPO can and will bleach fabrics so you may want to use white towels and avoid laying on your pillowcase right after use. If you are struggling with body acne, or “bacne,” you can incorporate a salicylic acid body wash for the shower. If your body acne continues despite treatment and is accompanied by dandruff, you could have an overgrowth of a form of yeast called pityrosporum. Anti-dandruff shampoo can be used on the scalp and also used as a body wash in the case of pityrosporum folliculitis. To reduce the oil of the skin, again, wash twice daily and double cleanse at night. It’s also a great idea to wash off pore-clogging sweat throughout the day or blot oil with oil-absorbing paper. If acne and oily skin are difficult to control, ask your caregiver to make an appointment for you to visit a doctor or dermatologist to establish a regime that is individual to your needs.