7 Self Care Strategies for Anxiety

Written by Violaine Guéritault, Ph.D.

#1 – Become a meditation master.

The practice of meditation, yoga, and deep breathing will give your body and mind that deep sense of inner peace and long-lasting relaxation state you’re yearning for. Apps like Insight Timer are great resources to assist you in these practices.

#2 – Take care of yourself.

Your body and mind have the capacity to feel peaceful and cope adequately with stress anxiety. For this to happen, they need 3 simple things: enough sleep/rest, healthy eating habits, and plenty of exercise. Stay away from caffeine and energy drinks that are powerful stimulants, they will only increase your level of anxiety.

#3 – Educate yourself.

Being prepared and feeling informed will create a sense of security and preparedness for your symptoms and how to better manage them.

#4 – Keep a Journal

Writing down your feelings and thoughts may help you reflect on your concerns and explore healthy options. It can also be calming to write your objectives, reminders, and to-do’s down so that they don’t linger in your mind.

#5 – Spend plenty of time with those you love.

Being surrounded by people you enjoy being with is a very effective way to feel supported, secure, less upset, and anxious about things. Talking to someone who listens will make you feel understood and more capable of coping.

#6 – Pay attention to the good things in your life.

Choosing to adopt a positive attitude is a great way to keep your mind off the things that make you feel stressed and anxious. Your brain cannot both worry and think positively at the same time. It’s just not wired for it.

#7 – Get support.

If you feel your anxiety and worry are getting out of control, then it is essential that you reach out for help. The first thing you should do is reach out to a trusted adult, whether it be a parent, caregiver, family member, teacher, or school counselor. Confide in them and tell them how you feel and that you need their help and support. They will listen to you and will know what to do to get you the support you need, possibly with a professional whose job is to support preteens and teenagers who go through difficult times as you are.