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Healthy Body

This section of the BLOOM Hub is still under construction with our full content COMING SOON!
Here we’ll cover topics including body & skin care, nutrition, sleep, and provide both an exercise & recipe library to support you – check back soon!


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Trusted Resources

Empowers people with breakthrough research to make informed choices and live a healthy life in a healthy environment.


AMAZE takes the awkward out of sex ed. Real info in fun, animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

The American Academy of Pediatrics is guided by its mission to ensure the health and well-being of all children.

Books, Apps, & Podcasts
Fooducate App

Scan the barcodes of items in the grocery store to see how nutritional the foods really are.

Sleep Cycle

Tracks and analyzes your sleep, then wakes you up at the perfect time, well rested!

MapMyRun App

Allows you to map your route, track your activity, and share it on social media.


We’ve made it our mission to care about our impact on the earth and health of our kids' developing bodies. We offer non-toxic, planet-friendly products from companies whose standards align with our own.

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