BLOOM’s Story & Mission

Adolescence is often portrayed at something to survive.

We believe it’s a period where teenagers can thrive, and BLOOM is dedicated to providing actionable guidance to
help young people – and the adults who love them – understand their changing bodies, minds, and relationships.

BLOOM is designed to be a hub, bringing together a diverse group of experts to answer age-old questions and address new challenges, for some parts of being a teenager are timeless, while others are ever-changing.

The site is designed to allow users to explore our extensive library of engaging content based on their own specific interests and needs, with the goal of creating a circle of support with a simple message: You are not alone.


Our Teen HUB provides a judgment-free zone for teenagers to find answers to the questions they may have about their developing minds, bodies, and relationships, all of it delivered with the constant reassurance that change is normal and healthy.

Our Caregiver HUB delivers professional guidance outlining what to expect and how to start healthy conversations. Using strategic tools and workshops developed by top experts, the goal is to empower parents/caregivers to feel more connected to their teen.

Our Educator HUB features a comprehensive skills-based health education curriculum, as well as resources to promote health literacy for life.

And Who Are We?

BLOOM is a collective of doctors, educators, and health organizations, each one recruited for their specific expertise in helping teenagers to live a healthy, safe, fulfilled life.

Together, we can create meaningful change.
Together we can BLOOM.