Saalt Reusable Period Underwear // Bikini Style


Saalt wear absorbs up to 2 pads or 3 regular tampons worth of liquid and replaces up to 800 pads! Psst…. that means you’re saving the planet and hundreds of dollars by ditching disposables!

  • REUSABLE & WORKS FOR ALL LEAKS–The easy, cheeky, customer favorite—now even softer. Made to withstand laughing with your best friend, the sweat of spin class, vivacious sneezes, and periods. Saalt leakproof underwear does it all, just like you. Just wear it, wash it, and wear it again.
  • REPLACES 2 PADS OR 3 TAMPONS –Wear as everyday protection. This regular absorbency period underwear is best for regular flow days, light bladder leaks, everyday protection, or as a worry-free backup to a cup, disc, or tampon.
  • PATENT-PENDING GUSSET TECHNOLOGY KEEPS YOU DRIER — Saalt Wear period underwear is thinner, drier, and more comfortable than any other period panties. Saalt Wear is made with patent-pending moisture-separating gusset technology that wicks away wetness and traps in moisture beneath the first layer to leave your skin feeling drier, longer.
  • ETHICALLY MADE & SUSTAINABLY SOURCED — Designed to save your white pants and the planet. Made from soft-stretch TENCEL Modal, aka unbelievably soft fabric made from sustainably regenerated cellulose fiber that comes from renewable beech wood.
  • DO GOOD WITH EVERY PAIR — Saalt is a B Corp. That means with every purchase, Saalt gives 2% back to donate menstrual cups and period underwear for women and girls in areas with the most need, and funds initiatives in menstrual health, girls education, and sustainability. Thank you for (period) caring.