Nopalera Moisturizing Botanical Bar


An intensely nourishing moisturizing plant-based bar, featuring exotic Mexican botanical oils and butters. Swap out those large bottles of lotion with this small but mighty bar that comes in a gorgeous reusable tin for safe storage!

Nopalera is a line of artisanal bath and body products inspired by the nopal cactus—an ancient symbol of Mexican culture—and one of the most regenerative, nourishing, and resilient plants in the world. Nopalera invites you on a daily journey of luxury. Chica, live boldly! Elevate yourself, and stand tall in your worth each and every day.

Our hand-poured body butter bars contain Nopal oil (prickly pear oil), a luxurious ingredient packed with vitamins and antioxidants. These lotion bars replace plastic bottles of lotion without compromising your skin nourishment. The vegan face and body moisturizer is rich in the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to stay hydrated all day long. No bees wax, no synthetic fragrance. Just pure, delicious hydration. To breathe new life into your skin, from your temples to your toes. Be sure to keep this bar in a cool place. The custom tin can be repurposed to later hold hair ties, earrings and love notes.

You’re non-stop busy day in & day out—as an income earner, caregiver and caretaker. Pollutants, stress, age, obligations and limited time all take a toll on your wellbeing. Daily self-care is a necessity! Nopalera is one way for you to indulge. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your body for plant-plumped skin that’s as resilient as nopales. Made with soulful fragrances and rich culture that connects you with something larger than yourself. For a deep sense of nurture when life is overwhelming.

Mira, did you know that the pricey bottle of lotion on your bathroom sink is 70% water? ¿Qué? Sí. Lotion is made by mixing water with oil. And you’ve heard the saying, “Water and oil don’t mix.” Enter an emulsifier, the ingredient that allows the two to bind together and form a white goopy liquid. So, basically, you’ve paid for a bit of moisturizer, a lot of water and a plastic bottle. You deserve better, chica!

Nopalera botanical bars are rich concentrated solid moisturizers. With plant-based butters, essential oils and cactus humectants that preserve your skin’s natural moisture barrier, improve elasticity, soften and even your skin tone for a dewy age-defying presence that lasts throughout your day. Take the time. Celebrate yourself. For radiant skin and natural beauty that’s loud and proud, no apologies.