Nopalera Cactus + Charcoal Soap Bar for Face & Body


An artisan natural bar soap for the body and face, featuring nopal cactus as a star ingredient, proudly symbolizing and celebrating the strength and beauty of Mexican culture.

Nopalera is a line of artisanal bath and body products inspired by the Nopal cactus—an ancient symbol of Mexican culture—and one of the most regenerative, nourishing, and resilient plants in the world. Nopalera invites you on a daily journey of luxury. Chica, live boldly! Elevate yourself and stand tall in your worth each and every day.

Nopalera handmade cactus soap bars are naturally sourced from nopales (also known as prickly pear). Each bar of Mexican soap is traditionally made in the old ways. To breathe new life into your skin, from your temples to your toes. Our vegan moisturizing body wash in a bar is rich in the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to stay cleansed, refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.

Nopalera’s carefully selected ingredients feel like a warm hug for your skin. Wild prickly pear cactus oil, cocoa butter rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K, exfoliating nopal fibers and fragrant essential oils. Our face & body soap embraces you with moisture and kisses you with cleanliness in 3 botanical varieties:

  • Romantic jasmine with rose clay
  • Earthy eucalyptus and sage with charcoal
  • Original nopal with lemongrass to calm and center your spirit

Each cleansing bar lathers with clean hydration, gentle exfoliation and moisture retention. No sticky residue! 100% suitable for both face and body. Unlike other body washes, foam cleansers and shower lotions, Nopalera soap bars have no plastic bottles to waste. Perfect for your own daily cleansing, as travel soap, gym bag toiletry or thoughtful luxury bath and body gift for women.

Our prickly pear soaps are handmade with nourishing plant butters and oils that cleanse. Each bar is packed with antioxidants and amino acids that help maintain moisture all day. The natural vitamins and minerals promote age-defying skin health, so your skin shines as luminously as you do!