It’s very common to feel like you don’t have any free time available in the day to sit and be still, but the important thing to remember is that by doing this practice you are essentially giving yourself a gift. Mindfulness practice can actually enhance your ability to be more focused and productive throughout the day. It could also help you handle strong feelings like stress or anxiety, or experiences like a difficult interaction with a family member or friend, with much more flexibility and calm.

When you complete each mindfulness practice you have actually balanced your nervous system (this controls everything our bodies do, from walking to feeling emotion), and potentially created new pathways in your brain (how brain cells talk to each other) that can enhance your performance and ability to handle stress. These positive effects alone will likely save you time by helping you move through stressful or difficult situations and experiences without dwelling on them or having physical effects like stomach aches or headaches. It is using your time to invest in yourself, helping you become your best self, and each day improving on that goal.