The positive effects of a mindfulness meditation practice are usually, for most people, subtle at first. Which means, it can be hard to notice immediate benefits for the first few weeks of a consecutive practice. After that first month, however, if you keep up a consistent practice, you will likely start to notice positive changes, like improved focus, the ability to be less reactive and handle a stressful or upsetting situation with more calm and clarity, and finding more things to be grateful for each day. Again, these positive effects are usually subtle at first, but if you pay attention you will likely start to notice these changes increase as your practice stays consistent. Also, you might start to notice what happens if you miss a day or two, maybe some of those positive effects fade. Keeping up a consistent daily meditation practice, as much as you can, is key to reaping the positive health effect rewards.

Supporting your Young Person
It can be hard for your young person to stay consistent with their mindfulness practice. But by sharing the subtle changes and shifts you have experienced in your life from your practice, you will help inspire them to notice any changes they have experienced in theirs. Noticing these changes and naming them can be an incredibly powerful motivator to keep with it. Life changes fast for an adolescent. But supporting and encouraging them on this journey can help them overcome any inconsistencies. Sometimes just helping each other be accountable can be the difference in creating and maintaining a healthy habit.