There are many ways to make talking about puberty and growing up fun. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Share a resource with your young person in which you both read the same section together and then talk about it. You can also do this with the BLOOM hub, a reliable book, etc. that exist on the topic of puberty.
  • Find a podcast on puberty and listen to episodes as a family.
  • Find basic plain body outlines and have your young person draw/write on the outline what they already know will happen to their bodies during puberty. Your young person can also add other changes as you both talk about them. Sometimes drawing helps us to start talking about life events.
  • Have all family members write questions and comments about puberty on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar or small container. Then, at the dinner table, take one or two questions/comments out to talk about. You can also check out the “Chit Chat Discussion Cards” provided in the back of the book Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty or the TALK Puberty app.
  • Remember that car rides are great for having puberty talks. There is something magical about being in the car together that illicit conversations.
  • Celebrate the changes your young person is going through! Some caregivers have an actual celebration with their preteen or teen, their friends, and other caregivers.