In some circumstances, yes. Most bad smells are caused by bacteria, yet, because your vagina’s pH (acidity) is normally low, this prevents bacteria from growing and causing odor. There are, however, certain foods that can raise and throw off your vagina’s pH level, promoting bacterial growth that may cause odor. These can include sugar or alcohol, and pungent spices like garlic and onions can also emit odor for some people. However, there are other foods like yogurt that contain beneficial bacteria that can actually help lower and control your vagina’s pH. Drinking plenty of water can also be your friend to help flush out any impurities, so drink up, your vagina will thank you! *If you notice any unusual smells or vaginal discharge, talk with a trusted adult or see your doctor or pharmacist for advice. For more information about foods that support a healthy vagina, check out BLOOM’s Exercise, Nutrition, & Your Period page.