A large part of BLOOM’s mission is to care about our impact on the earth and sustainability of our precious environment. We try to tread lightly at every available opportunity and incorporate sustainable, planet-friendly packaging wherever possible!

Some of our products are organic, and will be labeled as such in the product name and description. Be sure to look for the USDA Certified Organic logo and the word “organic” listed in the ingredient list. We love organic products and try to incorporate them into our offerings wherever possible!

Yes! BLOOM sources products for EVERY body. We’ve made it our mission to care about the health of kids’ developing bodies and offer our users non-toxic, planet-friendly products from companies whose standards align with our own. In partnership with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and their Skin Deep Database, we’ve done the homework for our users and have them covered from head to toe with products that actually work.

The BLOOM Store sells non toxic, planet-friendly products from leading nationally recognized brands such as Schmidts, Ethique, Many Ethnicities, Zum, Eco Lips, Acure, EO, The Honey Pot, Saalt, Lola, and Rael, and many more.