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Consider the Dashboard page as your home base. Here you’ll be able to jump to your favorite sections of the HUB, book private coaching sessions + workshops, find our  ‘Ask an Expert’ feed, and so much more. Stay tuned!


Navigating the Caregiver HUB is easy & you’ve got options to keep you grounded! You’ll find a toolbar at the TOP as well as another on the LEFT side (with icons) to help you navigate our 8 main topics like a champ! Keep in mind, your LEFT side navigation offers you a closer look (aka a submenu) into these main topics. BLOOM’s topics currently include:

  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Body
  • Puberty
  • Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
  • Relationships
  • Digital Life
  • Sexual Health
  • Trending

Who likes burgers? Us too! Use the burger (aka the three white lines) located on the top left corner to easily switch between HUBs to explore the Teen or Educator HUB, or shop in the BLOOM Store.


There’s no right or wrong way to navigate BLOOM! It’s all about exploring and finding what speaks to YOU. Each of the main topics offers a ‘Landing Page’ where we provide you with the opportunity to easily explore the majority of that subject’s content, watch videos, see what’s featured for that section, as well as find our list of trusted resources to help you find further info and support if needed.


Don’t forget! In the BLOOM Store we offer non-toxic, planet-friendly products from companies that care about our impact on the earth and the health of developing bodies. With Healthy Body, Health Face, First Period, and Period Sampler Boxes available… we offer up a lil’ love for EVERY BODY!


What’s one thing you’re grateful for right now? Well for us, it’s you. We’re so thankful to have you join us and hope you enjoy your experience on the BLOOM Hub! If you don’t see something you want – let us know. We are creating this space for YOU! Drop us a line and reach out at:  hello@bloomforall.com


We’ve made it our mission to care about our impact on the earth and health of our kids' developing bodies. We offer non-toxic, planet-friendly products from companies whose standards align with our own.

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