Peter Driscoll

Fitness Coach, Physical Education Teacher, Content Creator

Peter Driscoll (he/him) teaches content to high school students focusing on fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindset, and the power of personal connections. In addition to his role as a fitness coach and physical educator for the past 17 years, Pete now hosts a weekly podcast focused on mental health while also training high-level athletes out of his home (School Struggle Podcast can be found on Apple & Spotify). As a short-tempered and angry teenager, Pete’s perspective of himself and the world around him changed when he found fitness, and through it, committed himself to his journey of self-improvement. He now chooses to spend his time, energy, and attention sharing with others the positive impact that fitness enhancement can have on human lives. Pete’s personal mission to, “Live, Love, Learn, & Lead with a Strong Mind, a Healthy Body, and a Grateful Spirit” is what guides his daily action. He currently lives in Vermont with his wife and daughter while teaching at Hartford High School in White River Junction, VT. Pete’s message to everyone in his orbit is to, “Strive to be better in mind and body than you were yesterday.”