Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Mindfulness Teacher & Musician

Ofosu Jones-Quartey is a meditation teacher and musician from the Washington, D.C. area. He has been teaching mindfulness and meditation to young people and adults since 2004. He is currently the male voice on the Balance meditation app and he teaches meditation and mindfulness classes and retreats around the country when travel is possible, and virtually when it is not. Ofosu is the co-author of a mindfulness-based, positive psychology workshop series for The Ryan Bartell Foundation, a teen suicide prevention organization. Ofosu has taught and led retreats at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, The Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock, Brooklyn Zen Center, Cleveland Insight and more.

Ofosu is also an accomplished hip-hop artist and author. He recently released an album entitled, “In This Moment,” and has performed at the Kennedy Center in support of the project. His live events are considered a hip-hop and meditation experience and he is a member of the D.C. chapter of the Recording Academy. Ofosu’s children’s book “You Are Enough” is currently available on Amazon, a follow-up children’s book published by Storey Publishing will be released in the fall of 2022. Ofosu often uses music, sound baths, and spoken word in his offerings as a teacher.

Ofosu’s philosophy is that everyone is deserving of their own love and compassion and that inner work is the way in which we begin to change the world for the better. All of the work he does in the world is meant to support this idea. Ofosu currently lives in Rockville, Maryland, with his wife and their four children.

“As someone who has suffered from anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, and self-sabotage, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, beginning with being present and kind to one’s own self, continues to save my life every day.” – Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Website: https://linktr.ee/bornimusic