Marnie Lawler

Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner // Restorative Wellness Practitioner

Marnie is a functional nutrition therapy practitioner and restorative wellness practitioner. She graduated from St. Lawrence University with an undergraduate degree in biology and later received her masters degree in middle school science from Lesley University. After teaching middle school science for several years, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom, devoting her time to her four children and to founding an endurance training business, HillTop Training, that focused on training triathletes and runners. While she has always been drawn to nutrition and sports, her dedication to health was inspired by a personal journey.

In 2016, Marnie studied under Chris Kresser, in his year-long ADAPT training program (Advanced Diagnostics and Personalized Treatment) at the Kresser Institute. During this year she further advanced her learning in functional nutrition and the tools used to assess her clients. Always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of resolving the cause(s) and not just focusing on the symptom(s).

Today she continues her journey in learning while striving to empower others to embrace this concept of health while working with her clients to develop a customized nutrition and healthstyle plan that works for them!

Company: What is Health